My Thoughts on Kindergarten

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, August 23, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Kindergarten that grade where you learn how to share, read, and learn lots of fun things.
So, here is my take on Kindergarten.
When I was four years old I started Kindergarten.  I was the youngest in the class.  I enjoyed Kindergarten, because I think my teacher made it fun.  I remember lots of play time, learning my phone number and address.  I remember my first Kindergarten friend who sat beside me that first day of school, Sean Lickert.  We were the L's, and he and I went through school together and graduated from highschool in alphabetical order.
But one thing different about most Kindergarten's these days are the amount of time a little one needs to be at school.  When I was in Kindergarten we only went half the day.
Why do I think that a whole day is a bit much for this age?

My main reason is because my Kindergartener still takes a nap.  
I know they have little rest times in Kindergartens out there, but let's be honest your own bed is a much nicer place to take a nap. And if it was me, I would probably be distracted by some kid snoring, or I would get in trouble for talking.

But these little Kindergarteners also need time to just imagine and time to play.    
I am thankful I get this time with my Kindergartener and I am thankful that I get to teach her to read.  

*Disclaimer:  I know homeschool is not for everyone.  And friends, you know what is best for your family.  This is just what I thought of the other day as I woke Magpie up from her nap.  


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