Actor, Prop Designer, Scientist, or DJ

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, August 30, 2013 at 11:45 AM

Do you ever wonder what your children will grow up to do, be?
I do, I  wonder what the plans are that God has for them.  
How He has designed them for  a bunch of different purposes.

It is fun so see what interests each child.  I think that is one of the fun parts of having multiple children.
The freedom of homeschool allows for imaginative play.
Hezekiah absolutely loves being in character, I wonder if he might be an actor?
(Above he created his hat, whip, and pouch for Indiana Jones).

He likes creating other props too, for example the Ark of the Covenant, with the Ten Commandments. 
So maybe he will design the props?

Then there is science, the subject of his choice, his favorite.  
So maybe he will be a scientist?

Then found with free time, he plays some keyboard, turns on the disco balls, places his headphones on and creates some jams.  So maybe he will be a DJ?  
Thankfully, he has that freedom to explore.  

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 29:11


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