India & Italy

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Today we had International Day at Homeschool fellowship. 

Hezekiah choose a couple weeks ago to do Italy so he could take pizza as a food.

Eli wanted to do a different country and since we had studied India with Mission India he choose to do India and make Chocolate Burfi.  (However, I had to make the chocolate burfi due to time constraints and its' need to cool down, so he helped cut and plate it). 

Above are the boys making the pizza.

Here are Maggie Beth and Eli plating the new favorite word according to Page.

I am sorry to say though, and apologize to the home school fellowshippers.......I thought that the burfi was not very tasty.  I left it up to Eli and Maggie's discretion and I really should have tried it, but they liked it, so I figured it must be alright.  I tried it and ummmm, I did not like it.  Sorry, India and chocolate burfi, you sounded fun, but I do not think I will ever make you again!

The boys and I printed pictures off the computer and glued them on their posters, they also did color pages for their project.  I think they enjoyed rubber cementing their pages onto their board.  I did have to help a little in arrangement of pictures, like put your foods all together I would suggest and put your buildings all together.....etc.  They did great.....we worked on it for a couple weekends, so it took us about 3 weeks to complete.

They even presented their little projects to the homeschool group today.  I was surprised, but they were able to tell them a little about their country using their foods, pictures, and color pages.  I am not sure if when I was 5 and 7, I would have gotten up in front of teenagers, older elementary kids, kids in general, and parents and present anything.  I told them I thought they were really brave, but they are also very silly, perhaps they will be a comedy routine later in life.  I think they like the attention.  

As you can see, Hezekiah has to be silly in any picture taken of him anymore.  Seriously? 


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