Zoo Zoo

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 6:53 PM

That is where we have been the past 2 days. The Zoo.

We went yesterday to see South America. We have been studying the
animals of South America in science so we went to see them. Hezekiah
did a report on jaguars and they have a jaguar there and when we got
there it was eating its breakfast. The kids also enjoyed the spider
monkeys and the vultures (for some reason).

As we were getting ready to leave the Wildlife Detective Area we found
out that you could do a scavenger hunt matching the patterns to the
animals. Since we ran out of time yesterday we went back today. The
boys had fun doing the scavenger hunt with their little clipboards.
They were so cute and so serious in finding the boxes and answers.

We also ran out of time yesterday to feed the birds. So we did that
today too. What is best is Page was able to come with us!


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