Hezekiah's debut on Star Trek

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, September 10, 2010 at 6:45 PM

These pictures will not tell of Hezekiah's debut.  We did not get a picture of it, it will just be in our minds forever.  At the Kennedy Space Center they have a Star Trek Live show.  Today Hezekiah was apart of the show.  They asked for a helper and he raised his hand.  (I thought for sure they would not pick him.......but they did)!  He walked right on up and he said his name and when they asked him if the poster board they had was metal he said, no it was paper!  But he hit the paper with the flashlight like he was told to and then he got a bit nervous but the actors grabbed his attention to launch the flashlight through the paper with an air gun tool and he pushed the button and launched it through the paper.  He did so great for being 6 years old! I thought that was really a brave thing for him to do, to get up in front of a whole audience and answer questions and participate.  Page and I were really proud of him.  I just laughed though on the inside, because I was like, "Oh Lord, please help us.....because you never know what that kid is going to do or say!"  Ha ha ha!

We also got to see the robotic area with the rovers, the rocket area and the museums.


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