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Note: This picture has nothing to do with the text below.  Except that the little girl above is a professional at getting band aids for her "pretend" boo boo's. 

Professionalism is what I am learning about in my Athletic Coaching Theory class that I am taking in order to receive my 60 in-service points for renewing my professional teaching certificate in 2012. Yeah, I do not like to procrastinate. It made me kind of laugh that we were taking notes on "How to be professional," but then it made me sad because one thing that is lacking is professionalism these days. It is sad that this type of characteristic has to be "taught." I know a few people who certainly need a class in it..........maybe I will recommend it to them.

Some qualities of professionalism to ponder:
1) One who handles themselves calmly, fairly, with "rightness"
   --I am only as good as those who I surround myself with and who I have working for me.

   --Are you buying into the professional's plan? If not.....get out......I have gotten out before, because I did not buy

     into someone's work ethic, care for others, and attitude.

2) Attitude: positive or negative? Hopefully positive!

3) Ethics and Integrity: Treating people right with respect and courtesy.

    --Talking nicely to people.

    --Having good intentions.

    --Taking care of others as you would want to be taken care of .

4) Trust: Your ability to keep your word. Your ability to do the right thing and making sound judgment.

    Treating others how you would want to be treated. Thinking of them and how you would think they would want

    things to be handled.

5) Communication -- probably the biggest mistake "professionals" make.  How effective are you at listening and

    responding to certain needs? Are you not being an effective communicator -- instead change that to being a

    good listener and responding to those who are concerned.

6) Fairness -- treat everyone the same, show discipline, firmness, be consistent. (If your friend or family member

    messes up, say they messed up and do not side with them. Do what is right and fair).

7) Be Accountable.

8) Ability to relate to others and of all ages.

9) Courtesy: being polite, saying please and thank you and not making crude remarks to people or yelling at them

    if they cannot do something.

10) Enthusiasm

11) Mentor: How is your example to those that are younger than you?

      If you are a Christian, how you behave and talk to others in your community are you setting a good example

      in word or deed for those that are younger than you?

      Are you a good friend?

      Do you think of how you would want to be treated and treat others with the same respect that you

      would want?

12) Personal Improvement: there is always room for improvement no matter how well you are doing, so always

      take time to reflect on how you can be a better you!

Hmmmm........lately I think I have been living in opposite world where the above ideals of professionalism have not been portrayed to me or my family. I want to strive to do better. I pray others want to too.

Let's try and be more professional!


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