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I am trying not to be selfish. It's hard. However, God is helping me not be so selfish. How? Well, I have a little boy who likes to get up early for school, 7 a.m. Selfish me would prefer to sleep, sleep, sleep in....but you know what? It's not all about me. Nope, it certainly is not my way right away! But that is how our world would want us to think. That is sure how a lot of people think. Instead it is about what works best for my little one. He seems to learn better right after he wakes up, ready to start the day. More focused and ready to work. Maybe that is why school starts so early. Other kids though maybe their optimal time is around noon, or in the afternoon.

I am also trying not to be selfish in how I expect things to be done.........what I am can do things more than one way. Our brains certainly work differently, my children's versus mine.

It is neat to see how unselfish Hezekiah can be with his school work and his learning. How he shares learning time with Eli and Maggie. It's pretty cool to see them all working together. That is pretty's kind of like a team of little workers. Working together for the common good not complaining about one another.

Anyhow it is it is teaching me not to be selfish. I like this trait. I wish there were more of it.........being unselfish.

Being unselfish is being a good friend. Sharing........which is still hard at 36 let alone 6, 4, and 2. I want to press on to unselfishness. I want to do unto others as I would want done unto me.

Being inclusive -- do you know what that means? Including them, asking them if they are wanting to be involved in a task or getting together to hang out, not just assuming that they do not want to be apart of one thing or another because they have made changes in their life or alienating someone.

Being willing to be authentic -- breaking down the barriers and being real to the point at which you are raw and transparent. Willing to share your life with others.

Not being judgmental but more accepting.


Not complaining about those you work with, serve with, or appear to be friends with. There just seems to be too much of that or has it always been there and I am just seeing it more these days? Oh... yes more love is all we need. I guess if we were less selfish we just might be more loving.

Only He can teach us these things.

I want more of those things above and less of what there seems to lie before me.

Change is good so maybe God is leading me onward to the best. The best of sharing life together. Finding those that are inclusive, authentic, caring, and who are willing to share their lives with me. I am looking forward to what is in store and trying to guard my mind and heart from what has been.


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