School's in Session

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, August 6, 2010 at 11:42 AM

7:00 a.m.  Little boys feet patters into my bedroom.  "Mommy, remember today is the day that you said you would show me some of my school supplies!"

Me:  "Yeah baby, (sleepy, groggy....I'm definitely not a morning person).  I will get it in a second lay down right here and I will get it."

Hezekiah, aka the little pattering footed boy, says loudly, "Okay Mommy!"

We go into the living room and I get his math book out and his beads to help remind him from his schooling last year and he completed two lessons, one which included ordinal numbers.  He wrote his name on his handwriting workbook, used his moving alphabet to make his first word list of the year, and did his first read a loud.  Now, I did not intend on starting any of this excited little boy wanted to begin.  So we began. 

Afterward at 8:10 a.m. boys ate breakfast, Maggie Beth ate breakfast, we went to the play area at the mall, came home skate boarded with Page while he was home for lunch, and then headed off to the pool. 

At the pool today I offered a challenge to my boys.  I told Hezekiah if he could swim the whole length of the pool with only one stop holding onto the side he could get a slurpee and candy bar from 7-Eleven.  (He did not even need the one stop, he took it....but I was so proud of him!)  I told Eli he could have 4 stops on the side of the wall.  Guess what???  I owed some boys some slurpees and candy bars!  (Hey, don't boo me.......that is how my swim coach got me to swim the whole length of the pool.....but I distinctly remember it was a candy bar and a coke).

Then we came home and Hezekiah wanted to work with telling time, so we got his clock out and learned about telling time.  He placed all his numbers in his clock.  We even learned a bit about military time to learn there were 24 hours in one day. 

So, this is what I call.....School's now in Session.  Not bad for your first day!


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