Bird Beaks

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So today we were looking a mouth types in our science investigations and how each mouth is perfectly designed to feed on specific types of foods.  Take for example birds and their beaks.  The variety of shapes and sizes for specialized feeding.  Short and stocky beaks for seeds, the huge bill of the toucan for fruits, the long thin bills to probe for nectar in flowers.  I found this fun activity to use different tools as our beaks: clothes pins, tweezers, spoons.  We used marbles as snails, paper clips as seeds, popsicle sticks as fish, and pipe cleaners as worms.  The kids had to pick a beak and see what they could eat with their "beak" while it was daytime (lights on).  When it was dark though the birds had to go to sleep and then we charted how many of each food type they caught with their beak.  They used a cup to put their food in for a stomach.  I found this idea off the internet.  It was a rather cute idea that went along with Hezekiah's science lesson today.  

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