Lessons Learned -- Thankfulness

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 10:38 AM

1. Days often do not go as planned.
2. Go with your gut when it comes to thinking bug bites are infected. Call your doctor.
3. Accept it when you need to take all 3 kids to the doctor.
4. Read books to your children in the doctors office. It passes time quickly.
5. When taking care of bug bites, use antibacterial soap and antibiotic ointment with gauze
    and no band aids. The doctor said antibiotics are needed.
6. When going to pick up medicine with your 3 kids, if the medicine is not ready and you go
    outside to get to your car and it starts pouring rain it is alright to walk down the strip mall
    and find a pizza place to have lunch. Actually your kids will love you for it and it
    certainly might just be the best pizza you have ever had!

(I forgot one.......so it is 6.5)

6.5  When one little boy (Eli) has to go potty while you are eating your pizza, just have all children go too and when
       you get back from the bathroom guess what your pizza is cooled down enough to eat it!
7. After pizza go back an hour later and pick up your medicine and get free cookies at the
    store with your free antibiotic!
8. Accept that days never go as planned and that God is in control.
9. Be thankful for a fun day.
10.Be thankful for bug bites to be cared for with antibiotics and that it is no worse.
11.Be joyful always because even when the rain comes you always have choices like to dance
     in it.
12.Pray continually because He hears you and He is faithful to answer.


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