Sea World -- Space Needle

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, August 20, 2010 at 5:42 PM

Today we went to Sea World.  It sure was hot out today but since we have been visiting the skate park I think our bodies are use to sweating these days.  We went up in the Space Needle.  Our first!  It was pretty cool.  The kids liked pointing out the animals and roller coasters.

On Diego there is a Macaroni Penguin and they call it Makie the Macaroni penguin.....but we say Maggie the Macaroni penguin.  So cute that Magpie is.

We saw the whale and dolphin show and the Pets Ahoy show.  Eli laughed and laughed at the Pets Ahoy show and Maggie clapped her hands for every trick the animals did.  They were so adorable.  It really makes me enjoy the shows even more because of their cute spontaneous reactions. 


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