Eli's Preschool Program

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 5:35 PM

Today was Eli's preschool program.  The kids do their end of the year program by singing the songs they have learned throughout the year. 

This is Eli with his teacher Mrs. Wallace and his buddy Garrett.

Eli loves Mrs. Wallace.  She is an incredible teacher and genuinely loves her students.  Can't you tell Eli loves her too?  Every morning when I have dropped off Eli she greets him and has such a lovely smile.  I am so thankful Eli had Mrs. Wallace this year.  I honestly think she is WONDERFUL and I praise God for such an amazing teacher.

Here is Eli receiving his certificate for completing his class. 

Maggie Beth, Eli and Garrett enjoyed snacks afterward.

Then Mrs. Wallace popped up behind Eli and Garrett and Eli did not know she was there.  I think it scared him a bit. 

He sure makes some silly faces.  Congrats my little love snuggle bug!  You are just too adorable.


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