Summertime, I am happy you are here.

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 10:27 AM

These pictures are fillers really. Nothing to do with summertime, but these pictures of Maggie Beth I enjoy so thought I would share. There are a lot of things going on these days some of which I am sad about, but other things which are exciting and offer new opportunities. Summertime is already relaxing and busy at the same time. We started off this week with little sick kiddos, but I am thankful everyone seems to be feeling better today so we have ventured out the doors for swimming and sunshine, of which Maggie calls Yun Yine. I love to hear her talk.

We have made pasta pictures with fun shaped motorcycle, train, car, and airplane shaped pasta from the World Market. We have done water colors when we have felt good enough. We have laid on the couch and floor and watched shows for 2 days (at least....time all runs together after awhile for me) since kids were sick. This is a difficult thing for me to let kids watch TV for longer than a half an hour.......but when your action packed 4 and 6 year olds are laying lifeless on the couch that is pretty much what those times call for........books and shows. So I checked out 40 items from our local library of which 4 were DVDs. We will see what late fines we will receive since we always misplace books, but at least I know how many books I am suppose to return.

So today seems more like a normal day, we baked cakes this morning and the boys helped me decide the type of layers for the cakes and which pans I should use. Maggie Beth, Hezekiah, and Eli all helped in mixing the two cake batters and no egg shells ended up in our batter. It is feeling more like summer these days. We are looking forward to Fee Avenue pool and some free movies over the summer too. Summertime, I am happy you are here. I enjoy sleeping in and waking up with no planned schedule. Except to eat breakfast and read our Bible. Hmmmm.........I think I could get use to you summertime.


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