A Week for Play dates

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, August 5, 2009 at 11:19 AM

My not so busy week has turned into a busy play date week. I forgot my camera today, but today we met some friends at Fee Avenue Pool and had a good time. Hezekiah, Ryan, and Jake must have gone down the slide a bagillion times, little feet quickly pattering to the slide, climbing up the stairs and coming down the big blue slide with lots of giggles and then a super splash and more giggles as they waited for their little friends to slide down. How exciting. Oh, how I wish I would have remembered my camera........their little faces were so cute. Eli had a good time too jumping into mommy and swimming. Eli is not tall enough for the slide yet, but next year that water slide better be ready for that little guy. Maggie Beth went along for the ride, pretty much held by mommy the whole time and she planted a bunch of kisses on my lips and put her little head on my shoulder. What a love bug! Maggie Beth dips her face in the water periodically and I think it is in an attempt to lick the water! Silly girl!Thanks Janice and Shari for meeting us there.  And do not forget Miss Brittany and Mr. Troy.

Yesterday Maggie Beth had a little play date with her friend Leah. Oh girls are just too cute! And Connor is right in between Hezekiah and Eli so they all had a really good time and had fun playing with Connor's toys. They each enjoyed some cupcakes that we had made the day before. I was impressed with all the fun that was had. Hezekiah told me on the way home, "Mommy, we should have brought our sleeping bags and then we could have just stayed there and played the whole day." Too cute.

Tomorrow we are off to a water slide party! Shall be interesting. I  will try to remember my camera tomorrow.


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