Eli's First Day of Preschool

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First Day Of Preschool

Today was Eli's first day of preschool.  He was super excited and his face was beaming with a smile from ear to ear.  He has waited for 2 years now to go to preschool, watching his older brother attend.  Walking his older brother to his classroom each day and then picking him up from his fun day away.  But now it is Eli's turn and there was no turning back.  There was not even one hesitant bone in that little boys body.  He got in the classroom and he found his cubby and put his bag away, went on in and started playing and planted kisses upon Page and I and he was fine!  I was a bit surprised I have to admit, I thought for sure there would be a bit of hesitancy.  But no, he was so excited.  So, since the little guy was so content Page, Maggie Beth, and I took off.  I really felt such a weird sense of accomplishment, with two little boys now in school.  I also felt this whole welling up of a new stage though, kind of surreal and it makes me a little sappy.  I miss my little guys a lot (and really that is an understatement).  It really gives me teary eyes to think about it.  They have been so much apart of my life that it is difficult to share them with others, but it is important for them to learn and make friends and right now with Maggie Beth at the age she is she is a pretty needy little thing wanting to be held by "Mooo MY!" as she would say.  So, I am pulling some apron strings these days and oh my it is a difficult thing and it gets me choked up a bit.  

When I picked up Eli from school today he was still beaming from ear to ear.  He had a beaded necklace on and a picture that he had made at school today, it was a flower he had made and he billowed as he got into the car, "Mommy, I made this flower for you and I am going to make one for Daddy tomorrow!"  Again, a proud but tearful mommy.  I asked him how he liked school, and he smiled and said "I had fun!"  He said he read a Curious George book, played on the playground, and has a new buddy Garret.  He had fun making his flower and he said he also made a heart.  He has 6 girls in his class this year and he has one other boy with him, Garret.  I think he and Garret will need to pair up and stage a coup against dress up.  Crack me up!  Anyhow, he has some cute kids with him in his class and he is already looking forward to tomorrow.  Since he looks forward to school, it definitely makes it easier on Mommy. 

First Day Of Preschool  First Day Of Preschool


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