Christmas may now begin......

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 8:54 PM

 Have I told you that I absolutely love Disney at Christmas time?  How much I love the Christmas decor, music, & nostalgia! 
But prior to getting a bit Christmasy, we played by going on test track, the kids love designing their cars.

 We also traveled to Mexico, prior to learning more about Christmas and New Years around the world. 

 In Norway, we learned about how they have Christmas festivities for 3 days, not just one, and learned about a naughty little gnome that plays tricks and lives in the barns.   
 In China we learned about how they celebrate their new year. 

In Italy, we learned about La Bafana, a good witch, that leaves presents for nice children and the history behind this nice witch searching for baby Jesus after the wise men came to her asking if she had seen the Christ child and if she wanted to go search for him with them. 

 We also got to see the Christmas candlelight processional at Epcot, it was really amazing.  I just love how the Bible is read and the Christmas carols are sung with an orchestra and choirs.  Beautiful. 
 Then we hopped on over to Hollywood Studios to check out my favorite, favorite light show ever, the Osbourne Lights.  AMAZING.  I love the fake soap snowflakes falling, hot cocoa in my hand, with some sweet little people who adore those dancing lights and festive Christmas songs as much as I do. 

This pretty much says it all!  AWESOME! 


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