Bass Pro Shop - Palm Bay, FL & Probably Page's 2nd Home

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 7:43 PM

 What do you do when Bass Pro Shop builds a store 5 minutes from your home?  
 You go to the grand opening!
Why they chose Palm Bay?  I do not know!   
It is not like it is a big city or anything......but I know at least one guy who was beside himself about the opening of "this" store.  
And that would be my husband! 
The likelihood is that your husband, brother, father, anyone who wears camo probably was pretty elated as well.
Anyhow, I for see this being Page's home away from home, his 2nd home perhaps! 
Although we live in Melbourne.  Palm Bay is close enough.
Crazy that it is that close! Definitely pray for restraint for Page, self-control!  Ha ha ha!!!

See elation, I tell ya!  Archery = happy, happy, happy! 

 It is a beautiful store, they even had an amazing cake made for the grand opening! 

And our children........they enjoyed it too!
But yes, they were ready to get home, since we got there at 5:30 and did not leave til after 8! 
Seriously, I almost missed Survivor!  
I should get wife of the year! 


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