So, that is what I call Happy!

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, November 4, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Today was a bit liberating! 

I went to Magic Kingdom without a camera. 

I did have my phone, but it is not really a great camera and the memory is always full. 

I went without a stroller. 

I went with three kids, mine, all by myself. 

And no one, PTL went missing!  That is always my fear, that I will lose one of my children, like they would get lost in the crowd...........this happened to me once at Stone Mountain and it was only for a second, but that icky feeling........scared me to death.  Don't like that one bit and I am trying to overcome that fear. 

You may think that is crazy, but I just totally psyched myself up with scripture and well with God all things are possible. 

Not only was it liberating, but it was such a beautiful day! 

The weather was amazing.  The above picture is of a previous visit, but I needed a picture for the post. 

The company was sweet, I held little hands, kissed the tops of fuzzy heads, talked and loved on my kiddos. 

My sweet little ones behaved amazingly!  We laughed and giggled and just were totally blessed by an amazing time together. 

I honestly did not feel anxious about anything, God is so good. 


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