Hollywood -- In the making

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 10:32 AM

Yesterday we spent some time together learning about how movies are made (Indiana Jones), special effects (Backlot tour), animation (this time we created Tinkerbell in our animation class), history of movie making, stunts in Hollywood. 

We rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster; Hezekiah, Eli (who must have grown since last visit b/c he was 48 inches), Page and I.  Hezekiah and I screamed our heads almost off on the Rockin' Roller Coaster.  Hezekiah and Eli declared that it is the funnest ride there.  Maggie took turns with Page or I snacking on a chocolate covered marshmallow with M&M's...........yeah..........she did not eat it all.........she really wanted to ride the roller coaster. 

We watched Disney Junior Live.

This is what happens when the day is spent and it is time to go home. 

We met Mike from Monsters Inc. and shrunk the kids.  We even went into Toy Story and Eli was winning most of the time, but somehow I pulled out 10,000 more points in the end.  But Page surpassed us all in the Toy Story points. 

And if you think it was all fun and games it was, but the boys did do all their schoolwork prior to 9 a.m., by completeing the majority of it on the ride to Hollywood Studios. 

So we were ready to rock once we got there. 

I am so thankful for God's blessings, a wonderful family and time He has given us together. 


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