Zoo Pictures

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, August 19, 2011 at 6:09 PM

This morning we spent about 3 hours at the zoo.  Looking at some cold versus warm blooded animals.  Checking out the Rhinos, big cats (cheetahs, lions (taxodermy one), jaguars), alligators, giraffes, etc. that we talked about in science this week.  We learned a lot about rhinos -- black versus white and Indian.  So when we got back from the zoo I had the kids draw pictures.  I helped Magpie draw one, but apparently according to Eli all my animals are smiling and they do not look like giraffes or real rhinos. 

Eli declared that he wanted to start his own collection of animals and that he wanted to have a zoo.  But he also determined that in order to have a zoo he would need some helpers.  I decided that I would volunteer to help him out when he has his zoo.

Hezekiah quickly created his picture with his colored pencils so he could move on playing HERO Factory.  He said his rhino has shoes on.

Eli spent an hour creating his picture of the zoo animals.  He went into his room with his colored pencils and got books out to help him draw the pictures and write the names.  


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