I Danced In Africa

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, August 26, 2011 at 6:15 PM

Africa, a continent I desire to travel to.  I danced there today.

With some of the natives. 

Two of the kids thought it was funny, one did not.  The one pictured above. 

So he sat in Africa today.

It amazes me how much of our homeschooling this week went with our trip today to Africa. 

No, I really did not plan it that way.  But God knows the plans He has for us, doesn't He?  So, perhaps I should not be so surprised.  Blessed!

Eli has been learning about different cultures and we talked about Africa this week and the Massai.

Hezekiah this week learned the difference between an ape and a monkey.  Do you know the difference? 

Apes do not have tails.  We acted like apes today in Africa.

We saw a show.......The Lion King. (Theatrics)

We played some African drums and other African instruments.  (Music)

We saw some Hippos which we learned this week are mostly nocturnal (in Eli's curriculum).

We identified birds in Africa and Asia today.

We rode the river rapids twice.  With lots of screams and shear pleasure getting soaked.  

Their little faces are the best to watch as we rode the rapids.  Oh, crack me up!

The kids also got to participate in Disney's Animal Kingdom discovery club and get stamps for different activities such as identifying animals in your backyard, detecting animal tracts and dung, and learning the calls of different animals. 

This week we also learned about bats and what they eat (fruit, blood, nectar, insects), and how they serve as wonderful pollinators.

This is how our trip ended.  

School's in session whether we know it or not!


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