Magic Kingdom - Day 2

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Day 2 we went to the Magic Kingdom. 

The days have kind of all blurred together. 

Because I think we even went back to Magic Kingdom the first evening after spending some time at the water resort. 

Highlights of Magic Kingdom:  Pooh Bear, Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, the Carousel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mickey's Philharmagic, the Train ride, and of course the monorail. 

The kids love the monorail, crack me up!!!   

When we rode Splash Mountain, it was so cute because Hezekiah goes, "Man, I got soaked."  It was too funny because he really did not get soaked, but I guess since it was what he thought was suppose to happen he was stoked about the bit of water he did get on himself.  Too funny!

We were often entertained when we stopped to have PB & J that I packed each day, by the faces our children make.  They are super silly!

Maggie Beth loved the carousel, they were so adorable riding all 3 together. 

I think I got a cheek ache from just smiling at them.


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