A Story

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 11:56 AM

The other night Page was reading out of one of our children's Bibles about Elijah and Hezekiah to the boys.  One of the stories was when God was calling Samuel in the night and Samuel kept going to Eli and asking why he was calling him.  And Eli told him that he wasn't calling him that it must be God calling him. 
So Hezekiah had some questions, he said, "Why don't I hear God speak to me daddy?"
Page said, "Well you know it says in the Bible God speaks in a still small voice, maybe tonight when you are lying down to go to sleep you you can try to be really quiet and listen."
So Hezekiah and Eli ran off to bed and they found out Eli needed more boxes for his toys, so Eli's toys would not be all over the bed.  So they prayed for more boxes.
Minutes later Hezekiah runs out with Eli behind him, "You know what's cool?"
Page and I, "What?"
Hezekiah, "Well, Eli needed more boxes for his toys so we prayed and guess what, we found some and God answered our prayer!" 
So I guess he learned that God does speak and does show when we ask. 
And yes, that is pretty cool!


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