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Do you remember what the requests were last week after SHARK week? 

Yes, crocodiles and sting rays.  So guess what we learned about today?  Crocodiles.

We watched crocodiles eat wildebeasts (Hezekiah's favorite) and we also saw little baby crocodiles hatch from eggs.  Eli does a magnificent echoing effect of the baby crocodiles cries. I honestly think if National Geographic or Discovery ever needed a voice over/sound effects he definitely could do the job.

We learned about the body parts of the crocodile (, the habitat, and diet. 

Eli and Hezekiah enjoyed watching some of the video of crocodiles at and on

Check it out if you get a chance.  National Geographic for kids is great and they give the map of where the crocodiles live and fact pages.

We learned that crocodiles have webbed feet that help them swim.  So I decided to make webbed feet using our hands and erasing the triangles and connecting our fingers to make our foot prints for the crocodiles.

Maggie Beth was impressed with the erasers.


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