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Do you know why my husband is so great?  Because when I am away getting my teeth cleaned, he comes and takes my place and carries on with Shark week.  He is fabulous!

I came home to a cut out shark with food in its tummy, measuring tools, gold fish, paper and colors strewn everywhere, lots of learning had been had.  Hezekiah told me all about what sharks ate, and that whale sharks eat plankton.  They measured sharks using gold fish and rulers.  Hezekiah was so excited about sharks this morning he was ready to start right after breakfast.  I had to go to the dentist, so I told him either he could ask daddy to fill in for me or when I got back I could do the lessons.  I guess daddy did not mind, because he did great. 

I think Magpie enjoyed the gold fish, they also used M&M's to measure the sharks. 

Thanks babe!  They had so much fun!

Oh, I also found National Geographic for Kids to be fun too...


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