Pyramids & Mummies

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 10:10 AM

I wrapped some mummies in my house this morning.

We have been investigating pyramids and the ancient civilization of Egypt.  For some reason the mummification was interesting to my boys.

I used two rolls of toilet paper and some tape here and there.  Maggie Beth was interested in getting wrapped as a mummy too, but as I started to roll her she was not interested anymore.

Hezekiah also built the Sphinx and a pyramid yesterday.  We learned the different types of pyramids from, they also have hieroglyphics and a maze.  We also found an adventure site that was awesome it is called the Egyptian tomb adventure by the National museums of Scotland  The boys really loved this site.  We played it together last night and learned a lot of neat things about the canopic jars.  Tomorrow we plan on making two types of pyramids a step and a great pyramid. 


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