When I am older, I won't forget to.

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, November 20, 2009 at 10:47 AM

When I am older and more mature, I won't forget this day.

Today we, me and the kiddos, woke up to a beautiful day. Things were going really well, everyone was happy, eating their breakfast, doing what mommy asked them. Everyone was very pleasant and even little Maggie Beth with her crusty snot covered nose and fever was of good cheer. So, I was looking forward to a nice morning. I knew I had the boys flu shots this morning at 10 a.m., so I had planned already just taking the morning easy and not taking Hezekiah to school til after his flu shot. But, I had this inclination that I should call the doctor because poor Maggie is just so very mucous filled and wheezy and running a fever.......that I better get it checked out prior to the weekend. So, I called and they said, "How soon can you get here?" I am like 20 minutes...........Ha Ha Ha. But we do.

But we wait, wait, wait. Boys super good, took art supplies, toys, and were well-behaved the whole time keeping themselves occupied. Maggie Beth is a bit restless, that is expected though since she does not feel good. The doctor comes in at 10 a.m. (when we are suppose to be getting the boys flu shots) and checked Maggie Beth out, thankfully she has no ear infections or anything that the doctor can tell is going on except for a yucky cough, which of course I am super thankful for.

So, I go downstairs to get the boys flu shots and they are like, we are not giving seasonal flu shots now. I am like WHAT? Because I just had signed them up for them on Monday. So anyhow, I go back upstairs to our pediatricians office, then they call them and the people downstairs had made a mistake. Now mind you, I have all 3 kids and no stroller so we are carrying everything with us (remember all those toys, art supplies to keep kids occupied -- which sooooo worked)! Get downstairs once again, wait for them to call us in it is now 10:35 a.m. (we have been there over an hour) the poor girl (nurse) giving the shots I am not sure has dealt much with kids because my boys who normally sit and get their shots at the sound of her voice went ballistic. No kidding.

I was so shocked at their behavior. I mean super craziness! To the point that I was like forget it. I was trying to settle the boys down and I walk out to the waiting area with them and these older adults (grandparents I am sure) are watching what is going on with my boys wailing, scared to death, and they laugh at us!!! Can you believe the nerve? I couldn't, and I just looked at the man and woman and I said, "It's not funny. Really, it's not." I am not sure what made me sadder the fact that the 3 nurses trying to get my kids to have a shot were of no assistance in trying to make my children or myself feel more calm about it or the older people laughing not being any assistance to a mom with 3 wandering children, 2 of which are wailing. Where in the world are the more thoughtful, caring, helping angels when you need them? Because, I certainly needed one right then and well, there was not one. Oh, it makes me sad to think of how callous our society has become to the assistance of others. Come to think of it, during this situation, since we live so far from family the only one that I know that I really can count on to come and help me at any time is my husband and of course to call on God. Maybe I just need to open my eyes or to ask God to open my eyes more that I can see His angels (His helpers).

This morning we were reviewing our Bible story from yesterday on Balaam and the donkey and the angel standing in the road and how that donkey talked. How that donkey saved his life. Oh, I would have gone for a talking chair today to just help me calm down my kids. I was so saddened by their behavior, as we started to walk away when I was just going to forget about the flu shots and not worry about it, Hezekiah said, "But what about the lollipop?" I told him, "Well, if you want a lollipop you have to get your flu shot." So, he was brave and he did it and he got a lollipop. Eli put up a royal fight, but did it, and too got a lollipop. Maggie Beth got a "pop pop" too........because she was just wonderful. But what if the lollipop was my angel today? Or what if, like the donkey not normally behaving in a way to deter off the road........what if my kids were trying to tell me something and my eyes were just not open?

Lord, help me to know, to discern, to see what you want me to see. Help me today not just when I am old, but today to look at the needs of others and help them in a way that Lord they only see You. So, as I said at the beginning, "When I am older, I will never laugh at a mommy when her kiddos are throwing a royal fit because they are scared.........but instead ask.....can I help you somehow?"


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