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Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 5:17 PM

After talking to grandma on the phone this evening. Eli went over to the table with his markers and made a Turkey with his hand. Now, we made turkeys a year ago when Eli had just turned 3. But this evening grandma over the phone told Eli to tell his mommy aka me to help him make a turkey with his hand. Well, Eli apparently needed no help and before I was finished talking to my mom he proudly displayed the turkey he created. He wants to send it to grandma now, so I guess tomorrow we will be mailing a letter to grandma. Not to be shown up any, Hezekiah created Peep and Quack he made it Too [(to) his spelling] Daddy and Mom fru (from) Hezekiah. Too adorable! Enjoy! We certainly do!


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