Fall Festivals - Not so Fall, Try Summer Festivals

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, November 2, 2009 at 9:49 AM

Saturday we spent some of our time at some Fall festivals, it was like 90 degrees or maybe hotter so I would rather call it Summer festivals. The hottest one was earlier in the day at 11 a.m. I told the boys they were not dressing up in their costumes.......way too hot for that and anyhow we would have gotten there and they would have been miserable and would have taken them off anyhow. The one at 6 p.m. was a lot more bearable even though both were fun! The area was in the shade of their church and not as hot thankfully so the boys wore their costumes, Batman and Spiderman. Maggie Beth just went as Maggie Beth. Maggie was an old pro she walked up to each trunk, for trunk or treat and grabbed what candy she wanted put it in her pumpkin pail and walked on. She cracked me up, she was so as a matter of fact about it. We also went on a hayride and played a couple games. We had lots of trick or treaters at our house this year and gave out lots of candy. The boys went trick or treating to our neighbors and tried a couple of other houses but Hezekiah really got spooked at one house with haunted music, Page said he ran so fast he had to catch up with him. I really do not like the scary stuff so I am thankful for the festivals that the churches do put on. Poor kid, so needless to say Page brought the boys back rather quickly. I think they made it to only 3 houses. Here are our pictures of us enjoying the festivals. Oh, yeah and the bottom pictures are of the kids and their loot! I tell ya, we cannot keep Maggie Beth out of her pumpkin pail, she takes it everywhere and then will take each piece of candy out, look at it and try and put it in her mouth. She has been successful on a couple attempts actually getting into the wrapper. Oh, she is a mess. She has to know where that pumpkin pail is at all times. She even had to take it with us this morning to take Hezekiah to school. Oh, what candy will do to a youngling!


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