Meet Mr. Colorful

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at 5:21 PM

So Eli has more tattoos than his Uncle Roger! Tee hee! Today I opened Eli's door to get him ready to go pick up Hezekiah from school. I opened the door and I found this little fellow instead, Mr. Colorful! He absolutely loves to color and draw, so I allow him to take his markers and paper into his room and color at an impromptu desk that I make for him each day. He spends lots of times coloring. He even tells me some days, "Mommy, my hands are too tired to color anymore." But his hands get too tired to play cars, and read books too. It is his way of saying, "May I come out of quiet time?" Anyhow, I was surprised to see Mr. Colorful today. I videoed him telling me all that he drew on his body, I think he has a profession in the future, can you say Tattoo artist? What I think is pretty cool is that what he created on the right, he also created on the left. Very bilaterally symmetrical. So, I gave him a bath tonight and the markers are not so washable friendly. So if you see me tomorrow with Mr. Colorful, don't judge me.........I bathed him!


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