The Tooth!

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 4:56 PM

You never know what really you will wake up to, is what I am discovering as a parent. It really amazes me the craziness I have encountered in the past 2 weeks with illnesses and kids not feeling well. But this morning takes the cake! I wake up, the boys are already busy playing in their room and I walk in and see Eli's poor top lip just swelled up like he was allergic to something. I am like, "Poor buddy!" So, he is on his first antibiotic ever in his life and I am like alright is it the antibiotic or what is going on here. So I take him in the kitchen to get a better look and lift up his little (not so little) lip and look under it to find a swollen gum on his tooth that he had chipped as a baby. So, I called Page and said, "Do you remember Eli hurting his mouth last night." Neither of us could come up with anything. So, I get everyone ready for school miraculously! Get in the car, throw the phone book in the car with me to find the dentists number that we use and hit the road. On the way I call and they got us in immediately! I dropped Hezekiah off at school, and then the rest of us headed to the dentist. We got there, they did an x-ray (and granted we were just there for their cleanings 3 weeks ago). Poor kids tooth had an abcess, from hitting it again on something and it was all infected. Mind you he was already on an antibiotic for an ear/sinus infection that he had last week and shared with me so I had to get antibiotics yesterday after 4 days of suffering! So who knows how much pain the kid would have been in if he had not been on the antibiotic. So the dentist tells me, "It needs to be pulled, TODAY!" They sent us next door and thankfully they scheduled it for later at 12:15 p.m. so I could let Eli go to school for a couple hours to ground myself a bit. So, I gathered my thoughts and asked Page if he wanted to take him or if he wanted me to take him. I guess since he had to do stitches with Hezekiah, I got the tooth pulling. Woo Wee! Well, thanks to anyone and everyone who prayed for us because it was quick and easy. I just had to bear hug him keeping his hands down, and my leg over his legs. What a sight to see huh? Poor baby, I felt so bad for him. The good news is I bribed him with LEGOS and of course the tooth fairy! So guess who is visiting our house tonight? Oh, what a day! Not sure if this is in the books for one I really want to remember. But I am thankful for God's provision and my little one is not in any pain!


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