Celebrating Fall

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Hezekiah and Eli were both home today from school with a fever and sore throat that was just a virus.  We went to the doctor today.  Hezekiah was home yesterday too, so I had him help me collect acorns over at Page's work. Then Hezekiah and Page rode their bikes to the park yesterday and collected pine cones for me, while I took Eli and Maggie Beth to the gym. We also gathered some leaves this morning. Tomorrow at MOPS we are having a Celebrate Fall day and so I thought, hmmm, I probably should try some of these things out that we have planned to really see if preschoolers would enjoy it.

So I am doing the sensory items to celebrate fall so I have gathered a few things and thought, "Hey, let's have some fun." So the kids (Maggie included) touched and felt the pine cones, the acorns, and the leaves and we talked about why leaves change colors in the fall. We talked about the "hat" on the acorns, and why the pine cones feel prickly.  All things they came up with to talk about without me even to try to get them to talk about how the items felt. Maggie Beth also tried to eat everything. . . .her sensory is all about putting everything in her mouth. . .ugh! Then they guessed what items would float or sink in their tub of water. I also have some fake fall leaves that they enjoyed sorting into colors and pretending they were falling from the sky. They are going to be even more excited later when I have to practice to see the amounts for the trail mix for tomorrow. Crack me up! Anyhow, this is how we spent an hour or so of our morning celebrating fall. I am looking forward to the other ideas we get to see tomorrow at MOPS!


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