Nationwide is on your side. Eli, "Nun uhn, only Jesus is on your side!"

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 6:39 PM

Alright, the picture is just a pic of my birthday cake! Is it not the cutest! I loved it and well also ate it! Just a plug for my favorite bakery, Sweet Temptations here in Melbourne. The rest of this blog is my morning routine!

Our morning routine is pretty laid back most of the time as long as mommy gets out of bed! Crack me up. Thankfully, that has not been much of a problem. I know when it starts getting cooler though and darker in the mornings I will want to sleep in. Thankfully, our mornings are not too early since the boys are not at school til 8:45 a.m. for Hezekiah and 9 a.m. T,W,TH for Eli.

One thing that I have really felt to be important is having a morning devotion with my children and prayer time with them in the morning at the breakfast table. We started with the book "Small Talks About God". At first this is exactly what Eli and Hezekiah called our time each morning and they would point to the book I had on a little wall shelf and say, "Mommy, we have to do our small talk about God!" We have our family Bible that a dear teacher friend gave me when I had Eli that I have used as well. But most of the devotional material that I have received I have gotten from my church library. I have a book now called "What is Prayer?" We have used this book the past week and it is on a Kindergarten/Preschool and I guess even 17 month old level. I have also used a book titled "Tales of Virtue" that went over stories in the Bible on honesty, purity, forgiving, and sharing to name a few. I have really enjoyed reading the verses and the stories to my kiddos and then praying with them and asking them if there is anything they would like to to pray about. It is cute, Maggie Beth folds her hands and mumbles little words. Hezekiah and Eli sometimes get out of their seats and get on the tile floor get on their hands and knees and bow with their faces in their makes me teary eyed. Now, granted some days it is just pure craziness trying to get their attention, but I am adamant to be consistent with our time to learn and talk about and to God. I want them to know that their mommy prays for them each day and I want the truth to live in their hearts and I pray one day that each of my children will come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. It truly has been a blessing and I am consistently looking for other good materials to use for this age, so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know!

This morning before church after breakfast I let the boys watch some of the Magic School bus while I got ready. Well, a commercial came on for Nationwide and you know the slogan, "Nationwide is on your side!" Eli says, "Nun unh, only Jesus is on our side!" Crack me up! So, I guess there is hope, some of the Word is sinking in. Anyhow, pray for us and mommy that God would use His Word and these vessels of His (mommy and daddy) to raise our children in a way that is honoring to Him. I seek wisdom from Him, but also from you my friends who have been there and done that. Thank you in advance for your prayers and your insight.


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