The Backyardagains

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 11:01 AM

Our backyard is a fun place to play. We are thankful to grandma who bought us a playground when Maggie Beth was born so the boys had a place to play when their little sis was napping! We actually had a few "cooler" days to enjoy this week, but now it is super hot again. The boys and Page had played Simon Says outside which is too funny to watch. They come up with some funny things to do, I think my favorite was act like a rock star. Their performances were incredible. Maggie Beth enjoys swinging in her swing, walking around with buckets, playing in her cozy coupes and going down her slide. Page captured this picture of her outside. She is just adorable, wouldn't you agree.

We have also had art school lately. The boys have really been enjoying drawing robots, brains, rocket ships, cars, trains, an assortment of things I guess boys like to draw! Eli drew a picture for his friend Garrett of a "Go Gators" (an alligator) with him and his buddy in a spaceship. He had to take his picture to his friend at school. He said, "Garrett likes those Go Gators." So I will need to post some of their artwork. It really is amazing to see how their little minds work when it comes to creating things. We also got some new cork boards, my fridge was becoming overloaded with all their artwork so now we have two cork boards one is Hezekiah's and the others is Eli's and we display their new work there instead of the fridge. Hezekiah has also been making books at school with the moving alphabet, when he makes a book he writes the words of the objects and to my knowledge has to sound out the object, put the letters, write the letters down on his paper (he also has to go get the number of pieces of paper for how many objects he has) and then once he writes the word down for each object creates a book.  He has brought numerous books home. He also wrote a sentence last week and brought it home. We are so proud of him and his hard work.


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