Seriously, Lamby is going to the kids down the street!

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 10:40 AM

Lamby? So, Eli for months, probably almost a year has been sleeping
with his little Lamby, however, Hezekiah claims the other morning that,
Lamby is his and that he waaaannnntsss Lamby. He says it is his lamby
and that Eli lied and said that it is his lamby. Now, I can appreciate
children's toys and I can appreciate when my children use Mr. Potato
Head as a spaceship (Hezekiah) and when they use a Storm trooper as a
spoon (Eli) [Wouldn't Lucas be proud?]. But I do not much appreciate
or find it amusing when they argue and whine over a toy. Now since my 2
and 4 year old are in the same room (in a bunk bed) (Did you ask
yourself, boy are they crazy?) pretty much all toys are fair game &
should be shared, but since each has their own bed, Eli has his babies
(which one is Lamby) and Hezekiah has a bed full of toys and I am not
lying when I say FULL of Toys and each are territorial about these
items!!! So there was much wailing and crying at the top of their lungs
the other morning about lets say 6:30 a.m. (Fun huh?) So Lamby, who is
soft, cuddly, white and holding a baby lamby in its arms is the coveted
toy I guess for the WEEK! Thanks to Page I have a new saying about
toys when they are not shared, it is "We are going to give those toys to
the kids down the street if you do not behave." Now, really come on who
are the kids down the street? I honestly do not know who they are but,
it sure sounds good and it gets my children's little rears in shape when
we say that. Because "sharing" or "giving" their coveted possessions to
some other kid down the street would be unheard of, so it is a good tool
for discipline...........thanks to my sweet husband! So you may want to
try it! Let me know if it works. P.S. I will be posting a picture of
Lamby and if anyone really does want it let me know and you can be our
kid down the street. No, seriously I think Lamby may need to go!


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