"Huzekiah, do you got yous beatcycle on?"

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 3:29 PM

So today at 8:15 a.m. I decided to venture into known territory with 3 children. I decided it was time to go GROCERY shopping with my three. Thankfully the Neighborhood Wal-Mart is only 2 minutes down the road and not many people are at Wal-Mart that time of day, hhhmmm I wonder why?? But thankfully it went really well. The only funny thing that happened really was Hezekiah running after one of the workers who had a forklift thingy with a pallet on it and she was pulling it down past the frozen food section (we were by the garlic bread area.........who can resist garlic bread?) and he decided to start running after the poor woman full blast, yelling "I am gonna get you." She kept pulling the pallet, however at a bit faster pace. Hezekiah is running ahead of me and the lady is past the meat section now, and he is still running after her and an older woman looks at me and says with a grin, "You got your hands full." I laughed and said, "Yep, it is this way every morning, if you want you can come over sometime and see more action!" She said, "Oh, he will grow out of it." But personally, I do not think it would be much fun if he did grow out of it. Actually, I think that God has skipped a generation in my family and gave me the wild man. My grandma always told my mom that she hoped that my father got one exactly like him.........to my knowledge from what I have been told my father once caught the sewers on fire in his hometown. So, what the Lord has blessed me with here is interesting...........I pray that it is not to that extent because my mom says that I was good! :) Maybe it is from Page's side of the family.

Today was also funny, because well......those of you who have multiples and remember the days of feeding a wee one and wondering just what your other children are going to do during the time you are occupied with the littlest is always interesting. You may plan the best of activities for them during that time...........I usually plan snack time, but they ALWAYS come up with something else......usually fighting over a coveted toy. But today was different, it was really amusing and I laughed and smiled a lot listening to my boys. First, they decided the front of the sofa was a spaceship and they were flying. Eli says to Hezekiah, "Huzekiah, do you got yous beatcycle on?" And he lifted his little hands over his shoulders and pretended to click a button in front of him on his chest. I started laughing. He meant his seat buckle. Next, Hezekiah came up with a game in my bedroom using a toy from McDonalds (some type of stick thingy) and a plastic star that you place on the end of the stick and throw. Well, he made Eli sit at the end of the bed and watch him. He made Eli say, "Go Hezekiah, Go Hezekiah." Then Eli would say, "Good shot Huzekiah." Hezekiah would say, "Eli, say 'That's my brother.'" And Eli would say it, then Eli would say, "Yeah, Huzekiah, Yeah." It was much fun listening to them..........because well I was feeding my little peanut and I did not get to watch it all, but I did get to listen. Right now they are playing the game with Daddy, and Daddy has to say, "That's my son!" Too cute!


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