Haircuts, Cheetos, and Star wars

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Monday, July 28, 2008 at 11:37 AM

I did it! Oh, my boys desperately needed haircuts and it has been so hard finding time to do them so I decided to take the task on today all by myself. Usually this is Page's job, so I thought I would surprise him at lunch with fresh haircuts. So, I bribed the boys........."If you let mommy give you a haircut you can watch any show you want (within reason) and have Cheetos (well Wal-Mart brand)." They bought into it!  Sooooo, after playing Johnny Cars all morning (Jonny AKA Lightning McQueen), we shaved those hairs off. I had a plan though just in case it did not work.........I figured if I mutilated the boys hair it still would be a funny surprise for Page at lunch time and he could always fix it this evening. But to my shock and awe the boys did wonderful. I just had to place the bowl of Cheetos in front of Eli and let him eat them while I cut his hair, so I am sure he ate both hair and Cheetos.  He had orange powder everywhere. Thankfully Eli had his bath right after his hair cut. Hezekiah too. I did an alright job, here and there their little heads need a touch up, some sprouting hairs........but Page was really surprised with my efforts. Oh, it surely is the little things in life these days that fill my heart with excitement. Crack me up! Oh, by the way Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back........was the chosen show.


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