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Page took the boys to Dunkin' Doughnuts yesterday morning. The boys each received a free doughnut coupon as part of their BOOK BUCKS. Each Thursday morning this summer we have gone to the library for the summer reading program, if they read everyday with mommy for 20 minutes then they get one BOOK BUCK a day. Hezekiah loves the Berenstain Bear books, especially the Bear Detective books by the Berenstains. Eli loves any and all books and cuddles up to mommy and sucks his thumb as I read to him. The BOOK BUCKS then allow them to buy toys from the treasure chest at the library. So the boys say that any of their toys that they receive from the treasure chest are called, "BOOK BUCKS." So, a lot of times during the day I will hear one of my boys say, "Mommy, where are my BOOK BUCKS?" AHHH BOOK BUCKS! They also have received free ice cream coupons from Ben and Jerry's, dinner from Bob Evans, and burgers from Whataburger. It has been fun! They love BOOK BUCKS!


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