Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, February 5, 2016 at 6:03 PM

 Test Track and Soarin' are our favorites at Epcot, however Soarin' is going thru a revamp, so Test Track is always the fav.  The kids really do enjoy creating their cars and then seeing who wins. 

I enjoy Spaceship Earth, because of all the history in there, I always ask the kids if they remember from what they have learned in their history lessons. 

 We also enjoyed the new color area at Epcot, it was neat to see how the colors changed as the lights changed.  We also got to paint these pictures. 

 The kids ALWAYS want to go to the world of Coke. 

 Our favorite place to eat is Mexico!
 But I also can eat or enjoy some egg rolls or won tons.  Maggie was all into the Pandas, she still is.  She has the Kung Fu Panda thing going on here in China.  We watched the show on China this day too.  What I also liked in China, is how they have Duffy as a Panda.  All you have to do is request one and they have it done up like a Panda and then you can color it in.  I made one for Maggie, it is in her hand in the photo below. 
 Eli and Maggie enjoy coloring the Duffies and getting them stamped at each country.


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