Kennedy Space Center

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, November 27, 2015 at 5:48 PM

Today we went to Kennedy Space Center.  We enjoyed our time together as a family.  We explored the Saturn V Apollo Missions to the Moon.  We took the bus tour out to the Saturn V building and we also got to see the launch pads and the Vehicle Assembly Building up close.  It was very cool, something we have never done before.  This month Brevard County residents get a pretty nice break, 70 percent off admission price and they are collecting canned goods for the sharing center.  So take some canned goods and enjoy the discounted price for admission. 

 This is the Apollo 14 Capsule, the real deal!  Very cool.  We also touched a moon rock!

 We also went to the Atlantis exhibit, experienced the launch and got to see the real deal Atlantis shuttle.  It is amazing and very nostalgic, reminds me of my childhood, the anticipation of the launches on TV and even as an adult up until they stopped years ago.  Very cool. 

 Lastly we went over to the Mars exhibit and checked out the land rovers.  One of them took the kids names up to Mars, I think it was Spirit.  


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