A Bit Medieval Today

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Yesterday we had received our Sonlight curriculum for school next year.
The boxes are so fun, because if you inside out them, there is a castle you can create.
So, that is what my kids wanted to do this morning.
They created their castle with a drawbridge.
Then they put Eli's LEGO Medieval town next to it.  
All of that creating inspired play! 


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Here is a picture of all the cousins that were present.  

Brothers & Sisters..........cousins........family........

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Not only did we get to celebrate, but Page got to see some of his brothers and sisters.
I think the last time they were all together at one time was in 2001.
So that was pretty cool! 
Page got to show some of our nieces and nephews how to shoot a bow and arrow.
The picture above is so cute of Nolan practicing shooting while Nathan is......I just love those two photos together.......check out Nolan's hands......that is so cool!  
Cutie pies! 

Our Niece's Grad Party

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Yesterday we were able to go help celebrate our Niece's graduation from Highschool.
She was our flower girl, when she was 2 in our wedding.
Congrats Alyssa!!! 
 The kids also got to play with their cousins.  
They had a fabulous time. 

Hobbit Runes and Hobbit Maps

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Eli's topographical map (notice the dragon on top of The Lonely Mountain).

So the boys are enjoying everything The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings lately.
So I did some Pinterest looking and found this awesome blog:  http://www.homegrownlearners.com/home/2013/2/21/the-hobbit-a-unit-study.html.

It is a unit study on The Hobbit.  
So I asked Hezekiah and Eli if they would be interested in making a playdoh map of The Hobbit and they were all into it.  
There are some adorable ideas on the blog above.

Hezekiah's topographical map.
I love his compass. 
We also found a place that changes your name into Runes:  
Here is the site to do the Hobbit Runes and Lord of the Ring Runes:   http://derhobbit-film.de/rune_generator.shtml

You can see Eli's name above in Runes and in the red box above is Hezekiah's Runes.

I printed the maps above out for the boys to recreate theirs in playdoh. 

NASA's 4th Lunabotics Mining Competition

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We met lots of college kids from around the world.  They were all so nice and gave us bracelets, balloons, and patches.  The friendliest students definitely were from India, Bangledesh, and Columbia.  It was fun to walk around and look at the flags and try to remember the nations that matched the flags.  Their robots were all really cool and it was neat to see how each team decided to create their robot to collect moon dirt.  We wished them all well.  

NASA's 4th Lunabotics Mining Competition

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Today we had the awesome opportunity to go up to Kennedy Space Center to
play with and program LEGO robots and to see the Lunabotics robots that various college students have created from all over the world.

The boys had the opportunity to program their robot that they named MK42Discovery, it laughed, and it rolled.  They had to program it to move a meter and find out how many rotations per second they had to allow it to go before allowing it to turn around and go back another meter.  

After our class we went into an area to see the robots created by the college kids.  
The object is to create a robot that will collect 10 kg of moon dirt within 10 minutes.
At least that is what the college kids told me.  

Hobbit Houses and Hobbits

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Page trimmed one of our trees last evening.  The kids helped sort of......they decided they would build a fort AKA Hobbit house.  

These Hobbits made use of it this morning.  
Hiding treasures, making treasure maps, then playing with swords and a ring that would make them invisible if they had it on.  

Hezekiah wanted everyone to wear capes, but two other boys had minds of their own.
I know Hezekiah was Frodo, I think Eli said he was Sam.......but I think they talked their buddy into being a  Ringwraith, just because I do not think the names Pippin or Merry were fun names......