Need to Breathe & St. Augustine

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, November 12, 2012 at 11:21 AM

This weekend, Saturday I jetted off with a few ladies to see our favorite band, Need To Breathe......saw some other nice intro bands Matthew Mayfield....which might be my new favorite....just need to get some of his work, and another goofy band Good Ol War....goofy is an understatement.  But they were good too.  We also ate at a nice little Irish pub, where I ate yummy boxty chips........never did I know these yummy things existed and I think I paid for it the next day. 

Then with 2 hours of least for me, I do not sleep well in out of the ordinary places......we jetted off to St. Augustine.

Which is a really beautiful city, the first in the U.S.  It has beautiful shops, cute little places to eat, and I think I may have enjoyed it better if I would have had body well was paying for it and the boxty chips....paying for it I was...I did not feel well at all.  So I took some random pictures to try and keep my mind off of it and pressed on! 

Anyhow, one day I will get back to enjoy your little town, I had been there before with Page years ago.......maybe we will take the kids this winter?  

Thanks girls it was fun........!!! 


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