McLarty Treasure Museum

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 6:18 PM

In 1715, a storm sank a Spanish fleet during a hurricane between the shoals of Sebastian and Ft. Pierce. 

Fifteen hundred survivors came on shore, with their cargo lay lying on the ocean floor. 

Over the next four years, Spanish salvors, Indian divers, and Pirates of various nationalities came to this area to retrieve or take as much booty they could. 

Not until, 1928, it was rediscovered.  In the mid-1950's Kip Wagner discovered an archeological spot located where this museum is today, which is the Spanish salvors' encampment. 

In the 1960's Wagner located the El Capitana and brought up pieces of eight, gold doubloons bars and plates of metal, pearls, jewelry and other treasures. 

The story of this "poor" treasure hunter and his carved out surfboard with a window to search for treasure is wildly amazing!

This man, found a bounty!

There are still treasures being found today. 

Hence, Eli's necessity for a metal detector. 

So if there are any willing to depart with a metal detector or know of one for a good me maybe?

I think Eli and I will be treasure hunters, all in it for the joy of the find!


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