Eli's Birthday Around the World

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, September 9, 2011 at 6:36 PM

We got to celebrate Eli's birthday around the world at the world showcase at Epcot. 

Eli wore a little Disney button that say's Happy Birthday Eli.  So as he got his stamps on his Duffy the Bear, he got Happy Birthday from all the Disney workers and also random people.  I often caught him trying to cover up his button, so that no one would say anything to him.  Oh my little buddy! 

We went to Mexico and Norway, which we had been studying this week.  The Vikings. 

Eli enjoyed a special carmel chocolate marshmallow, or should I say mushroom since that is what they are often called in our home.

Hezekiah found this bear in Germany.

More stamps in Italy.

Eli has chose to do some of his studies on Japan this week when we studied different peoples of the world.

So our last stop was Japan.  We went in search of a coin with a hole in it.  He desperately wants some Japanese money because one of their coins. 

But what we found in Japan was far more appealing than any coin. 

Yes, we found the mother load of Pokemon!

Yeah baby!  And yes, that made his birthday........perfect!


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