Vacation Bible School

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 11:06 AM

We have been vacation Bible schooling it this week at St. Mark's UMC. 

The kids have been having so much fun.  

Upon leaving the first day Hezekiah exclaims, "I am having a blast Mommy!"  He actually gets to be with 3 little friends he knows in his group and in the group that they go around with. 

Oh, that makes my heart happy!

I somehow ended up getting Eli in my group of 3 kids, we are the smallest group, but probably best that way! Ha ha ha (inside joke, just pray, just pray...thankfully God answers my prayers)!  Eli is pretty slow to warm, so now it is Wednesday and he is getting into the games.  Craft and snack of course he loves.

Maggie Beth did not even shed a tear going into her class, which is REMARKABLE!  Especially for some place new and different.  I think she has made herself right at home since her teacher says she has a lot to say at circle time. 

Crack me up!  

I think snack is my favorite part..........what does that say about me?  Well, yes, I do like food......but the cute and creative foods that they come up with are just too adorable and fun!  They have made fruit lobsters, hot dog octopi, little sandals out of nutter butters, just too cute and creative. 

Eli is sad that there is only 2 days left of VBS.   Til next year buddy, til next year!


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