we really desire it?

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 11:18 AM

It's a question I have been pondering about the human race for a while now.

Do we really want accountability?

I think we must.  I mean it is scarey right.......being accountable for your actions? 

But overall, I think we do.

For example, I was a bit scared about homeschooling and then having my child tested.  I mean, did I do the whole teaching thing justice?  It is scarey.  I was sweating it.  Thankfully he did absolutely wonderful.  Honestly, I believe it was God's doing because if you know me......I am far from perfect.....I mess up a lot! 

But you know sometimes we would rather not like the accountability......especially when we have knowingly done wrong, disappointed someone, etc.  But you know it is good if your heartaches about's good to seek know the Holy Spirit is working.  Oh, especially if you are a believer.  Right?  I know when I have either done something wrong accidentally or knowingly I ache about it until I get it right. 

But I have been wondering about that. 

We say we want accountability, but do we really?

Because, I have seen so many times this thing that trips me up about Christianity....(and it has been tripping me up for a few years now within the circle of believers)....when you are hurt and you point it out to the other believer it is sometimes returned not with humility and the seeking of forgiveness, but instead it's not taken care of, swept under the rug or even returned with insult.  So what is that all about?  I know it is not comfortable, but we are all fallen....maybe really I should just expect that and then perhaps my expectations of believers would not be so high.  But I really think we (and yes, I am including myself....because I am sure I have tripped people up) should set a better example in loving one another. 

So, I am turning the other cheek.  I am really seeking to love and forgive and not let this whole thing trip me up.  And keep myself grounded in His Word.

What about you?

What trips you up and what are you trying to do about it? 


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