Bug Wars

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 7:23 PM

I have a little love bug.

A sweet little guy who carries around a blue bear and some britches, sucks his thumb, gives huggies and kiss'ies' un-demanded.  Today after I picked him up from preschool I told him that I took care of Cotton Tail (his blue bear) while he was at school.  He picked up his Cotton Tail and said, "I think he needs a bottle," and runs to Maggie Beth's room to get a bottle for his little bear.  (Oh, I think he will be a wonderful daddy one day.......he sure has a wonderful example).

The cutest thing the other day when I was asking Maggie about what she wanted for her birthday cake, Eli says, "I want Cotton Tail on my cake, but I just hope no one laughs."  I said, "Eli if they laughed it would be because they just think it is super adorable......because that is what you are!!!!"  Seriously, I could devour this child pretty much every minute of every day......because he has the sweetest, tender heart and is really a little lover bug.

Speaking of bugs, his new favorite show is Bug Wars, which he pronounces Bug Wires.  Too adorable to even correct. 

This show is found on the Science Channel, it is kind of the knock down WWF for bugs.  It is hysterical to listen to while cooking dinner.  The narration is too funny, I think one of the entomologists is seriously manic as she describes each bug.  From the other room I hear, "I think the preying mantis is going to win! Oh, no way! Awe, no did you see that! That's gross!" 

So since this little guys favorite show is Bug Wars these days, what have we been collecting? 

You guessed it.........dead bugs.  We even go on adventures outside looking for our own backyard bug wars.

Yesterday we found a caterpillar being eaten by ants. 


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