Ride Baby Ride

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 5:39 PM

This is what it looks like to be included, and not having to take turns riding a bike around the neighborhood. 

Maggie Beth would say about this, "Oh, cool!"  (Her new favorite)

Eli went with daddy this evening to get his reward.  A new bike.  For this kid most of the time he receives hand-me-downs.  If you are a second child or anywhere down the line you know hand-me-downs, clothes, toys, etc.  But not today.  Eli has been wanting a bike for a while now.  But we told him he had to earn it.  He has been working hard on not having a whiny attitude and fussy heart.  He also has been dry for a couple weeks waking up in the morning.  His little bladder must be getting bigger (I know something I am sure he would want me to blog about).  But he stayed dry over night in his big boy underwear which he has worn during the day for over a year.  So bye bye overnights. 

Hezekiah posed for us.  He and Eli have been sharing his Spiderman bike for a long time now. 

Maggie Beth had to pose on her new hand-me-down.  She desperately wants a Diego bike.  Crack me up.  She loves Diego.  I asked her if she wanted a Dora, Elmo, or Diego birthday cake and she said "Eggo."  Too funny. 

This is what happens when your neighbor comes out and talks to you.  Someone becomes a bit shy and will not, I repeat will not even look at the neighbor who tries so hard to be friendly.  Oh, she is something else. 


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