My non-socialistic views

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My non-socialistic views.

So I was doing Bible study with my friend the other night. You know who you are and we got off on a tangent about the socialistic views of our present government. Not only our present government but our government of probably the last 30 years. (Maybe even longer). If you know me well I go off or can get people to go off on tangents easily and I am conservative morally and fiscally. Not sure if I really align my politics to a particular party. Mostly vote Republican, but seriously a lot of Republicans do not hold my views either. So I thought it would be fun to see what you think. Not to get into any debate or anything because thankfully we still have that freedom, but many of our freedoms are slowly trying to be stripped from us.

So, my view on Florida's VPK & public schooling in general. Like you really wanted to know, but here you go. This is not to offend anyone either, so please do not take it as if I am judging you if you work for VPK, send your children to a public school (I send my child to a public school presently). It is just a view point, not intended to get anyones underwear in a wad. So stop reading now if you really do not care what I think. I cannot imagine anyone really caring what I think anyhow! Ha ha ha!

I think that the government is trying desperately to break up our families and forcing or promoting an agenda to let parents allow the government to take care of our children. I believe that we the parents should be responsible for taking care of our children and teaching them. It is not the government's duty to provide for free babysitting for the whole day - which is not free because our tax money pays for it if you live in Florida and voted for VPK. I voted against VPK, but the majority voted for it, why? Most likely because a lot of parents both work and it seemingly provides an inexpensive daycare. Yes, the children do get taught some things, but for the most part the VPK's that last the whole day it is basically free babysitting. Now, I am for a few hours and a few days a week for preschool age children to attend some type of program, but it is not the responsibility of the government to tax us to pay for it. I feel the same way about school in general especially the lack of moral and ethical teaching. For what was once a Biblical foundation for educating our population, now children are punished for praying or even taking their Bible to school. Where is their freedom of religion?

Government run health care. Not that I am so impressed with our current system or sectors of private insurance. However, it is not the government's responsibility to pay for our health care. No where in the Constitution does it say that this is the governing bodies responsibility. But we have voted this way in the past and we have elected officials promoting a socialized health care bill for our country. Now, by what I am going to say you going to be like, "Why are you not for this?" I will tell you in a minute. Alright, so thankfully my husband has a job, and he works hard every day. He gets up early to provide for our family and one of the benefits of his job is that we have health insurance coverage. But even though I have coverage things are still super expensive for us. To have a baby out of pocket we had to pay at least one thousand dollars. Now, to those on the government plan they get to have their baby pretty much for free because pretty much everything is covered. Why because our tax money goes to pay for it. The problem I see is that there are families who can afford health care insurance, but they choose not to and instead choose Wii, cable television, iPods, Lexus vehicles, etc. What I am trying to say is there are lots of people who can afford privatized health insurance that choose not to because they want other luxuries. So, should you and I be forced to pay for their luxuries? I think not. Now granted there are some people who cannot afford, but I think you would be surprised by the amount that can. But I think it is the responsibility of us and the church to take care of the sick and treat them and provide for the poor. I also want to mention whenever I have been at the doctor's office for myself or my children I have seen the same treatment given to people despite what insurance or lack of insurance that they had.

Government run health care also diminishes your choice to choose the best doctor for you and care given to you. Not that our present system allows that if you even have private insurance or Medicare. But your choices are even going to be less. In time it may also be at a point where our country I fear is heading saying you know it is not really worth it for you to live anymore so since you are so expensive to pay for we are just not going to let you live. I mean come on we already are paying for partial birth abortions, which is sad. I pray that my tax money does not take the life of an individual but since I have to pay unto Caesars what is Caesars it probably already has, since someone deemed that a down syndrome baby is not worth paying for. The thoughts are just horrible.

Alright, so these are just two items. The rest will have to wait. You probably already know my views now on welfare. But maybe by tomorrow I will be off my soap box and you will not have to read anymore. Anyhow, thanks for indulging me.

Just ask yourself.......Peace out!


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