What type are you?

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, January 11, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Well we all get into trouble, but how we get there is not really a mystery is it? It is because of our sinful nature, but how we go about getting into trouble is a bit different for each of us. As a teacher I saw the blatant, the deceiver, the I did not do it-blamer, and the sneaker. There may be more but these are my classifications today for mischievousness. Now, as a parent I see a lot of deviousness's in my kids and also in their friends. My kids get into trouble and I am not the perfect parent.......I too get into trouble. So now that you know this, if you are a "friend" please do not dismiss this because I am not writing about your child per se, just examples of devious behavior and how we go about it.

For the blatant child, (I have one of these) or adult the"Yep, I did it," is an easy one to discipline because they admit to it and you correct the behavior and have them seek forgiveness and move on. I like this type of child because I personally think it is easier to discipline, there is no underlying denial of the behavior or root issue to get at, they know they did wrong, feel bad for doing it, cry, and move on. You also hope as a parent, teacher, whatever, that the behavior is not repeated, but sometimes it is. Then it becomes more of a heart issue to deal with, but again usually this child is quick to confess and repent.

The deceiver is more difficult to discipline because well, they are deceptive. Usually this is the child who knows how to quietly do the things he/she is not suppose to do and get everyone else in trouble except his/herself. A lot of times this child has other brothers/sisters who usually are blatant children and so their offense gets overlooked because of their ability to deceive their parents and also the parent is having to deal with the blatant kids so much that they do not have time for the deceiver. They will often times get others to follow along on their quest. Did you know this type of student or child when you were growing up.........they never got in trouble but always got you in trouble??? I certainly have known and do know some of these kids. So how do you catch them in action or how do you know if this is your child.....ask a friend....if their honest they probably see the behavior before you do.....or you might already know. Keep a keen eye, ask the Father to show you and also watch your children play.....listen at the door.....usually their the most quiet when talking but you can overhear the shenanigans!

The "I did not do it, they did it," child ooohhh is so hard to deal with too. They do not see any injustice that they have committed, it is everyone else's fault and do not try to correct the behavior or seek forgiveness because in their head they have not committed any atrocity. Now, I have encountered these types and what I have found often, and I am really not that old , is that one or both of the parents play this game too. As a teacher I encountered this a couple times, that it's not their kids fault and certainly not their fault that they behaved this way it is the other kids, teachers, their medicine, etc. So, I pray that I and my children do not become one of these. However, we all encounter this so how do we deal with it? Pray that God will soften their heart and your heart so that in due time it will be revealed and dealt with.

The Sneaker, I have one of these, hides and gets food often and tries to eat it without you knowing. The sneaker is often times a deceiver too. The sneaker,however, is usually found out easier than the elusive deceiver. Perhaps this is because the hiding places for the sneaker are ones in that they want to really reveal their misgiving. In the deceiver I find them to have heavier issues that they are dealing with rooted in the heart. The sneaker wants the enjoyment and pleasure for a time and finds that in sneaking around. However, when found out the sneaking is not so much fun. For the discipline is not really enjoyable!

Sad but true we all go through these stages. We can move from one stage to another in a day be it blatant, be it deception, be it "I did not do it!", or even being sneaky...........we all do it young or old. But how we deal with it is the important part. Are we really wanting to get rid of these behaviors or do we want to hang on to them. What is in your heart? What is in my heart? What is in your child's heart? Are we seeking the forgiveness and the redemptive peace that we all desire or just hold on to the yuck? Oh, I hope and pray that as a parent each day I choose to be free from the evil desires and hold on to what is True, Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely, Excellent, Admirable, and Praiseworthy! I pray this for my children too that in their heart that God would reveal those deep and hidden things so that they may live a life that is pleasing to God. I hope this for myself too, because I know how sinful I am and I know only God can do a good work in me. So bring it on -- a good work that is!


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